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Our core corporate philosophy is quality, service and innovation.
We provide up-to-date technologies for customers’ satisfaction and beauty.
As the leader of the permanent make-up manufacturer, we know that beauty is a matter of trust.
We deliver technology that is trusted by our clients.
You can also make a profit from the advantage of our development.
A hearty welcome to you!
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As we only accept the best the high quality level of our products is under controlled by delta E system. 


As only the most up-to-date technology can satisfy peoples’ needs and demands. Our development department employees are a highly motivated team of physicists, engineers and designers Together and through close collaboration our specialists have been developing revolutionary products with a high usage factor since 29 years. 


As beauty is a question of trust Aesthetic-corrective surgical procedures must be absolutely hygienic and safe. As you can see the attached certifications Pigments we used should meet international regulations.

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