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Glue, Remover, Eyepatch for eyelash extension are available in our product range .

How for Cyanoacrylate to Adhere to Surfaces

The liquid Cyanoacrylate monomers(instant adhesive) polymerize very quickly to solid polycyanoacrylate,
initiated with moisture in air
or on the surface to be bonded.



We produce different types of glue for various conditions.

We have Alkoxy ethyl cyanoacrylate based with odorless type for sensitive skin and
ethyl cyanoacrylate based with odor types from beginner to professional.

You can select suitable type for you.

  • Packing unit: 5gr, 10gr, 1kg
  • Color: Clear, Black
  • Type: Beginner, Professional, Low irritation type, Fast drying time type
  • As there are many types from for the beginner to professional with strong adhesive power and excellent sustaining power you can select anyone suitable for you.
  • No. H.Q(Hydro Quinion)
Type Characteristics
Beginner Low odor, low Irritation, suitable for sensitive skin.
Professional Fast drying time, strong adhesive
power and low irritation
Low irritation Recommendable for some experiences
Very fast drying time Odor, Irritation but strong adhesive power
and excellent sustaining power
Fast drying  time Odor, Irritation but strong adhesive power
and easy correction


Hydro-firming gel patches are attached under lashes to help operation goes well. It also
provides extra effect such as moisturizing and tightening to client’s eyes area.
We offer many different shapes and thickness to meet customer’s needs.



We Produce Cream type and Gel type remover for eyelash extension .
It is usable and safe to operate with suitable viscosity .

Eyelash Pre-treatment.

Pre-treatment is applied to clean the natural lashes before eyelash extension.
It helps to maximize the effect of eyelashes extension.
No alcohol and No oil, so that its safety to use.

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